Zack Snyder Discusses Superman’s Black Suit

In an interview with ComicBook Debate Zack Snyder discussed the importance of Superman’s black suit in his upcoming cut of his Justice League movie which a portion can be read below:

“I really was always a very strong advocate for the black suit… I really wanted the black suit and it made sense for me because — it’s exactly as you say — Superman, as a character, notoriously does not grow. He’s like a rock and everything just smashes against him and then we learn, by trying to change a thing that’s unchangeable so that we can learn about ourselves, (and) that’s sort of the old way, the old Superman.”

“I really felt like my Superman…has to sort of level up and sort of learn something and be something different because in the end, the idea is that, or what I had planned was that, the…final step for Superman is kind of his real return, or his real coming into, what I would consider almost the classic Superman,”

“I really was always excited about using the black suit to kind of lock us in to…when he goes from the black suit to the red and blue suit (and) what that means… You can’t just be like, ‘oh now let’s put him in the blue suit, now let’s put him in the black suit.’ It’s like, ‘no, that’s not cool.”

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