The Next Video Game Movie After Uncharted

Uncharted has finally been released to theaters! The film went through a very lengthy process of hard development so for it to finally be out in theaters for the consumption of fans is a miracle to say the least. Now more than ever video games are becoming more popular and widely accepted. Mortal Kombat, Detective PIkachu, The Witcher & Arcane are a few recent video game adaptations that weren’t universally hated. With video game adaptations being in the best place it’s ever been since it’s existence in cinema. There are several more projects set to be released including Halo, Fallout and Bioshock to name a few. So let’s think about some other projects that may make for a solid adaptation!


Metro is actually based on a novel series of the same name so adapting this won’t be as difficult as it would be for other video game series. Similar to Netflix’s The Witcher, the show can adapt from the book’s story rather than trying to be accurate to the video game. The series takes place in Moscow, Russia during the post apocalyptic nuclear fallout. The series follows a man named Artyom who is one of the residents that live underground in the city’s metro system due to the toxic above ground air being unable to breathe.

The series is full of different factions, betrayals, mutated monsters, wide open landscapes and nail biting close calls that make fans fixate on when or if Artyom will survive. This series would benefit from a live action adaptation but due to the apocalyptic landscape being very vast this show may end up becoming an adult animated series. This would be a perfect 8 episode series where each season follows each book or video game.

Star Fox

Star Fox has the making of a perfect animated series. It has the animal cast with all distinct personalities, it has the space drama plot as well as the vast array of planets to explore. This would definitely benefit from an animated series but be aimed for the teenage or young adult crowd. If this captures the vibe of the Cartoon Network Teen Titans series then many would take it more seriously than just a casual campy children show. Most of Star Fox fanbase are well into their adulthood which means they don’t have to pull punches. This would potentially bring more fans to the series which may give Nintendo an incentive to put more money behind the series.

Dragon Age

Since Bioware is confirmed to be working on a Mass Effect series, this leaves the question open for Dragon Age. There’s an immense amount of fantasy content on streaming services right now so there might be fatigue for this genre but the lore is so immense that it may hold its weight. Dragon Age is a series that has multiple different creatures, races, monsters, factions, magic, combat and of course dragons. The series has a lot of political aspects to it where the factions and organizations have conflict as well as hostile interactions. This series can be a standalone story since the first game follows a player created character called the Grey Warden.

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