BioShock Comes To Netflix

Fans who have been patiently waiting for the live action arrival of the best selling underwater video game series won’t have to wait much longer. Bioshock is finally taking a big leap from the world of video games to being on viewers’ televisions in the live action format. Something that has historically been a bad decision for many developers in recent memory but this is a likely exception to that rule.

Bioshock is a action thriller first person shooting single player game that takes place during the early to mid 20th century. The games are known for their dark visuals, grotesque atmosphere, horrific soundtrack and of course iconic enemies. Splicers, Big Daddies and Little Sisters were the common threat that plagued the underwater city. The city known as Rapture was created with the idea of being an escape from life above on land into a new place where anyone can be what they wanted while getting a new start. The games are heavily driven by the narrative and are supported by the fast paced gameplay.

Fortunately for gamers, Netflix is bringing in some heavy names to work on this project. Directing this film will be Francis Lawrence, who is known for the Hunger Games trilogy & Will Smith’s I Am Legend. Michael Green, will be the one writing this project who’s works include Logan Blade Runner 2049. All projects listed from their previous work were generally received favorably if not really well. Here’s to hoping they can capture that magic in the upcoming Bioshock adaptation.

Doctor Strange Joins Fortnite

Fortnite has rolled out its second season for its third chapter. Chapter three began a couple months ago and had a heavy focus on Spider-Man. The game introduced web slingers as a weapon along with a daily bugle section of the map. The map also features bungie jump webs around the map where players can hop across the scenery by touching the webs; bouncing from rooftop to rooftop.

The new season is bringing in a number of changes. One of the big changes is the removal of the ability to build structures from the mined materials that players pick up. The absence of building means players will have to rely on aiming, strafing, tactical planning and knowledge of the terrain. The new map will also bring in another brand new battle pass that fans can purchase in order to unlock many more costumes, characters as well as items.

The image above was taken from the trailer and as many can see Iron Man is also pictured above along with what looks like Black Widow. The new season is set to be focused around the new Doctor Strange sequel film similar to how the last season was released as partial promotion for the release of the Spider-Man No Way Home movie.

The new season will potentially last just as long as the last which was about 3 months. There’s no telling if it will bring any more surprises or even tie ins with upcoming projects such as Moon Knight. It would also be interesting to see if Batman makes another appearance with a Robert Pattinson version from the film released by Matt Reeves. Make sure to play the game while you can and be sure to let us know your thoughts!

Marvel President Says Doctor Strange Has ‘Become the Anchor’ of the MCU

Benedict Cumberbatch is known for many roles but as far as Marvel goes, he plays the fan favorite Doctor Strange. Strange was introduced in the self titled film and has been a pivotal aspect of the overarching Marvel cinematic storyline. During a speech for Cumberbatch’s receiving a star on Hollywood’s walk of fame, Kevin Feige went on to say, “To us and to millions around the globe, you deserve this honor for being the first, the best, the greatest and the only Doctor Stephen Strange.” The President continued, “Benedict has turned this character into an icon, appearing in a historic three of the top six films of all time.”

“It’s been quite a journey, I remember our very first meeting. … We wanted to pitch him this great character, and before we could he said, ‘So tell me about Doctor Strange,’ because somewhere you knew what this could be…You’ve always seen the tremendous potential in this character and because of that, you’ve become the anchor of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the only actor capable of guiding us through the madness of the Multiverse.”

Doctor Strange is the anchor literally and figuratively in this live action world of Marvel. With most of the original members of the Avengers out of the picture, there’s a new open spot for somebody to lead. Doctor Strange’s power dwarfs a lot of his comrades due to the large scale of responsibility placed on his shoulders. He will not only be an anchor as a leader or mentor for the upcoming younger heroes but he will also anchor the multiverse as it unravels following the events of Spider-Man: No Way Home

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