Both fans and celebrities are campaigning to restore Zack Snyder’s vision for the DC Comic’s Cinematic Universe. His version was a much more grittier, darker and mature take in comparison to the route that Marvel’s cinematic universe is going. Joe Manganiello is campaigning for a Deathstroke HBO Max solo project and for the the return of Snyder verse especially since he put so much time into preparing for his role as Slade Wilson / Deathstroke. It was even reported that him and Ben Affleck were studying the fan favorite Arkham Origins CGI trailer in which Batman & Deathstroke throw hands on top of the rooftops of Gotham, for inspiration into “The Batman” solo film (which Slade would be the main villain).

Not only is Deathstroke campaigning but also Dwayne Johnson who will be playing Black Adam. With the recent leak of Zack’s vision for the Justice League sequels being out in public, many want to see his vision returned to the big screen as he had a very unique and unprecedented take on the story / world of DC comics.

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