Mortal Kombat Sequel Wish List

With a little over a week before the release of the Mortal Kombat movie, we compiled a list of what we would like to see in a potential Mortal Kombat movie sequel. We’ll return to this list after the release of the movie and revisit some of these ideas from a different perspective. Feel free to post your thoughts / comments below to add to the discussion!

Shao Kahn / Outworld

The trailer teased Shao Kahn via a lifelike statue that looks very similar to his appearance in the video games. Ironically this is probably the most accurate portrayal of the characters seen so far in the movie. It’s unlikely to see Shao Kahn as the main antagonist for this first movie so if he ends up appearing in the sequel and then it would be nice to see Outworld. Ideally the movie should delve more into the world that isn’t usually touched because Mortal Kombat’s lore is so rich yet it’s never fully explored. Bringing in Shao Kahn also means we’ll likely be getting Kitana and Jade.

Kintaro / Sheeva

Going off of the last point, if we get to see more of Outworld / Shao Kahn then I want to see more of the monsters & inhabitants. This includes fan favorites: Kintaro and Sheeva, fan favorite Shokan warriors. Shokan are four armed humanoid warriors that are lethal combatants but Outworld is home to way more monstrosities than the Shokan.


Another monstrosity found in Outworld are the Tarkatans. These creatures are a aggressive humanoid monsters with very sharp / long teeth as well as skeletal arm blades that come out of their forearms. The famous one that fans know well is Baraka. He ranks low on our personal list of character but it’s still nice to have him around. Hopefully we get to see him in a sequel and more of the Tarkatan culture / lore.


Reptile was teased in the trailer and is seen twice. Once in a fight with Kano and another in a shot where we see something moving in the dark via active camouflage. Many fans are hoping that this reptile ins’t “the reptile” that we know from the games as his appearance from the trailer is less than desirable. Reptile is a Saurian which in the lore are a race of humanoid reptilian fighters. They have the ability to shape-shift into a more humanoid appearance but lose this ability the longer they stay away from their home / queen. Many want to see reptile return to his ninja appearance, so here’s to hoping that we get this in a sequel.

Kuai Liang / Sub Zero

Speaking of ninjas, Sub Zero is a fan favorite for many. Kuai Liang is the “main” Sub Zero that we know & follow throughout the series; he is also the younger brother of the original Sub Zero, Bi-Han. Bi-Han is killed and comes back as Noob Saibot which is why Kuai Liang takes on the “Sub-Zero” codename / colors so he can avenge his fallen brother. Bi-Han is a lot more violent than his younger brother Bi-Han is also the Sub Zero that we will be seeing in this film which is why the trailer teases him as the “villain”.

Lin Kuei / Cyrax / Sektor / Smoke

If we bring in Kuai Liang then it also means the ninja assassin faction known as, the Lin Kuei, will make an appearance as well (it should also be noted that they appear in this movie as well). Later on in the timeline, the Lin Kuei go through a cyber initiative with their soldiers where they remove their free will & immortalize their bodies as cyborgs in order to make them efficient warriors. Now a sequel will be way too early to bring in the cyborg initiative, especially if they focus on Shao Kahn & Outworld. However, if we did get the cyborg initiative it would be nice to see the three classic cyborg ninjas (Smoke, Sektor, Cyrax) in their human form before the Lin Kuei undergoes this.

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