Marvel’s Eternals Was Shot Very Differently Most MCU

The MCU’s upcoming Eternals movie has long been anticipated. We still have yet to see any footage or trailer for the upcoming film but we do have a little bit of information. For starters, one of the film’s stars Salma Hayek (who plays Ajax) has gave a little bit of information about what we can expect from this upcoming movie.

“It has a completely different DNA from the [other Marvel movies].. It’s shot different than all the other ones. It’s in real locations and they found some crazy extraterrestrial-looking locations. I don’t know if I’m allowed to talk about what they do with the camera, but… it’s not mostly done in post. The cinematography is incredible.”

This is set to be the “most sci-fi” movie in the MCU which is saying something considering the well received Guardians of the Galaxy movies are literally set in space on different planets . The Eternals is about an immortal race of aliens that were created by the Celestials; and the eternals will be reuniting to protect humanity from the Deviants.

Hayek also went on to talk about how she felt seeing herself in this upcoming role, “There was something really moving, not just for me, but for everything, all the different stereotypes. She’s not sexy. You know what I’m saying? She’s not sexy at all. I’m very short. I’ve been bullied for being short my entire life. And suddenly, it doesn’t matter. You’re a superhero in the Marvel universe. It moved me.”

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