Justice League Zack Snyder Confirms “Knightmare” Batman

Zack Snyder dropped another teaser for his much anticipated cut of the Justice League movie. The tease in topic is Ben Affleck’s Batman donning his “Knightmare” attire (trench coat, cowl, goggles, etc). He also confirmed that this was taken during his recent reshoots which in total wasn’t a large amount of new footage but there are about 150 minutes of unseen footage that we haven’t seen (this is assumed to have been previously recorded before his departure).

Fans may notice that the Knightmare scene was teased in Batman V Superman during Bruce’s nightmare where he saw a post apocalyptic world where in which Superman became corrupt and Darkseid’s army has swarmed the world. The nightmare ends with Flash coming back from the future trying to warn Bruce that he was “always right about him”. Zack said this was meant to set up Justice League which is why many were disappointed to see it not pan out in Joss Whedon’s cut of the movie as it had set the bar for something that fans had wanted to see.

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