CD Project Red’s Cyberpunk Multiplayer / Development

CD Projekt Red also announced that it will be developing AAA games in both The Witcher and Cyberpunk franchises simultaneously in 2022. Only time will tell if this stays true to their intent to minimize stressful conditions.

CD Projekt Red also announced that they will be looking into bringing an online or multiplayer component into all of their games (not just Cyberpunk). With that being said, they initially had planned for Cyberpunk to be “the one” that would do it but now only time will tell if this will come to reality. Fans should not expect this anytime soon as CDPR (Cd Projekt Red) is still implementing bugs / fixes for the game and has planned DLCs as well as a next gen upgrade.

Finally CDPR will be says they will be changing their marketing campaign strategy moving forward. They will be waiting closer to release / the game being finished before showing in depth gameplay. They will also manage expectations better and do better at keeping the reality grounded in terms of what gamers are to expect. Here’s hoping things get better!

DYING LIGHT 2 Gets Development Update

The developers of Dying Light 2 gave an update on development for their upcoming sequel. In the short clip we see the development team read mean tweets directed at them about how long fans have been waiting for the game or any news to come out. The developers explain that they wanted to make sure that the game coming out was ready for everybody to play at its best quality.

Both sides make a case. As gamers, we’re consumers so when we spend money on a product we would like to have full transparency about what it is we’re investing in (which means updates are appreciated). However this doesn’t excuse berating, threatening and insulting the development team of the game. Developers have personal responsibilities outside of making the games we all love and enjoy so & at the end of the day, they’re all human like us. There’s a healthy balance of staying on top of developers without being hurtful; again let’s make sure we keep that same energy for the publishers that nickel and dime us too.

It’s good that Dying Light 2 is taking its time and that the development team is able to make light of the hateful messages they got. Last year’s Cyberpunk 2077 was a great example of both sides not acting how they should’ve so it seems like the industry as a whole is taking note of it. Are you excited for Dying Light 2? Did you enjoy part 1 / DLC? Let us know your thoughts!

Fortnite Getting The Flash Skin

Fortnite is getting another DC superhero skin for their battle royale game. This new skin is based on the scarlet speedster, The Flash. It looks to take a little bit of inspiration from the CW television series rather than the cinematic portrayal of Ezra Miller even though it’s not completely catering to the television version. More info below courtesy of Epic Games’ blog post:

From the DC Multiverse to the Zero Point and now to the Island, the one and only Scarlet Speedster is bringing a taste of the Speed Force to Fortnite. Starting Saturday, February 13 at 7 PM ET, The Flash Outfit will light up the Item Shop alongside the rest of The Flash Set! 

Included in The Flash Set are:

  • The Flash Outfit: Enter the battle as Barry Allen.
  • The Speed Force Slashers Pickaxe: Lightning strikes twice with this dual-bolt Pickaxe.
  • The Speed Force Back Bling: Display The Flash’s electrified emblem.
  • The Quick Bite Emote: Grab a light(speed) snack. 

These items will be available individually or as part of The Flash Bundle, which also includes a Flash-themed loading screen!


Want to get The Flash… faster? 

On February 10, we’re celebrating The Flash in Fortnite with a The Flash Cup, a Duos tournament. Dash into the Battle Bus with your Duos partner and play up to 10 matches in a 3-hour window. The top-performing Duos in each region will unlock The Flash Outfit and the Speed Force Back Bling before they’re in the Item Shop!

Kevin Hart Cast As Roland In Upcoming Borderlands Movie

Today it was officially revealed that Kevin Hart is in fact apart of the upcoming Borderlands movie but not as the previously speculated Claptrap but as the vault hunter & hero of Pandora, Roland. This has came as a surprise to many as most fans are use to Kevin in comedic roles which doesn’t fit the archetype of Roland’s character.

For those that don’t know, Roland is the leader of the Crimson Raiders and a playable vault hunter in the first Borderlands game. Roland often serves as the voice of reason and as the “straight man” in most comedic situations in the Borderlands games. He appears as one of the few characters that hasn’t lost their sanity. Borderlands, while violent, is a game series that doesn’t hold back with the humor. There’s always a joke being thrown at the player, character dynamics often display humorous conversations and many situations will make the player chuckle.

So it’ll be interesting to see Kevin Hart play a character that is typically the “serious one” despite being in a film about a game that often utilizes humor. I’m excited to see Kevin Hart dive into a different role and here’s to hoping we see a different side of his acting ability. In the recent years, Kevin has been training vigorously and has teased the idea of him being in a action movie. What are your thoughts? Are excited? Let us know!

“I’m thrilled to be working with Kevin [Hart]. Borderlands is a different kind of role for him, and we are excited to thrill audiences with a side of Kevin they’ve never seen before. He’s going to be an amazing Roland.”

– Eli Roth

Resident Evil 8 “MAIDEN” Demo / Resident Evil 7 Classic “Fixed” Camera

Resident Evil 8: Village has received its first demo titled, “Maiden”. This is currently on Playstation 5 with another updated demo coming to all platforms sometime in the spring. This demo is similar to the demo that was released for Resident Evil 7 where little is shown but a lot is teased. As of now we know there are at least 4 different “houses” that are occupying this village in the mountains. We learn that the women who many are speculating as “vampires” have a wine distillery in their castle and have been using human blood to create their unique flavor.

Resident Evil has generally dealt with zombies and viruses. This game looks to be taking a gothic spin on this iconic franchise. However, it’s still not confirmed that “werewolves” and “vampires” will be making their appearance in this game. In the event that we fight enemies who howl in the night or have sharp blood tooth fangs, except that to be some sort of infection or virus rather than a genuine supernatural monster. Resident Evil doesn’t typically go to the supernatural. Nevertheless, their take on the gothic style looks very interesting and many can see the similarities between the classic Resident Evil 4 in terms of a gothic castle overlooking a rural village.

Check out the demo here:

In other Resident Evil news, a fan has made a concept that implements the classic “fixed” camera style of the original games into the recent Resident Evil 7. In this demo, we can actually see the protagonist, Ethan’s, face. It’s worth noting that this game isn’t fully playable and is for viewing purposes only. There’s no combat and it’s only playable for a few sections although there’s a possibility that a fan will complete a fully playable version. Check the video out below per credit of, Enveloping Sounds’, Youtube channel.

Resident Evil VII Gameplay + New Game Announcement

Capcom’s RE (Resident Evil) Showcase brought a great amount of information for fans of the long running iconic series. This year marks its 25th year and Capcom didn’t hold back with the details. They revealed gameplay / release date for the upcoming Resident evil VII, they revealed more information about the animated movie Resident Evil Infinite Darkness, they revealed a new multiplayer game and finally showed a crossover event between Resident Evil and The Division 2. For more information keep reading!


Resident Evil VII’s gameplay looks similar to VII but with more abilities at your disposal. There’s a guard / push / counter mechanic that keeps enemies off of you, there’s a lot more heavy weaponry and the aiming looks more precise than it did in the previous entry.

Fans will notice a lot of similarities between this game and Resident Evil 4. With the remake of the 4th game on the horizon, it’s easy to see why. This game is set in the cold mountains of Europe, there’s a village that leads to an ancient castle, there will be a merchant that you can purchase items from and there will villagers that chase you; all components of Resident Evil 4.

This game is available for pre order now, with a digital and physical deluxe edition as well as a Playstation pre order bonus for all editions including the standard. This game will be released for Xbox, Playstation & PC on May 7th 2021.


Capcom revealed that the upcoming CGI movie will be set a few years after Resident Evil 4, following both Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield. Not much else is known about the specifics but expect to watch this worldwide on Netflix this year!


Capcom revealed their secret project which is a multiplayer death match game that comes free with purchase of Resident Evil VII. You can play as series favorites: Claire, Chris, Jill, Leon, H.U.N.K. as well as the villains such as Nemesis, Jack and even the infected enemies from the series. We’ll wait and see how this one turns out!


The Division 2 is getting a crossover with Resident Evil that will bring iconic outfits from the original trilogy. If you login between February 2nd to February 15th you will receive an outfit based on Leon for free. The trailer also showed outfits based on Chris, Jill and H.U.N.K.

Cyberpunk 2077 Sells 13 Million + Copies

CD Projekt Red’s recent first person RPG, Cyberpunk 2077, has sold more than 13 million copies as of December 20th. This comes on the heels of the bad press the developer has been receiving due to the performance issues on last gen consoles.

Playstation 4 and Xbox one owners have been posting videos and screenshots of the glitches, bugs as well as issues they’ve been going through while playing this game. This game has become a polarizing figure in the gaming community with some taking side of the developer while others are opposing them.

It’s important to note that PC owners haven’t been going through as many glitches or bugs. It’s also crucial to remember that the critically acclaimed Wither 3 was released with a horrifying amount of glitches and bugs; it still went on to receive numerous game of the year awards as well as being often held as the standard of single player gaming. Many have forgotten The Witcher 3’s initial release but it’s hard to tell if the same will happen for Cyberpunk 2077.

While it’s not excusable to release a game before it’s ready at full price and a little bit of transparency would have been appreciated, it’s also important to note the amount of pressure that was put on the company for delaying the game including the negative fan feedback they received. It’s good that fans used their voice to ensure that they receive what they paid for however, death threats and hate mail are not acceptable.

Regardless of where you stand on the game and the developers, just know that there will be two big patches in the coming months that will fix a lot of the performance issues on consoles as well as a next gen upgrade for owners of PS5 / XBOX Series X. This won’t be the last we see of a company not living up to our expectations but just make sure we keep the energy for all companies that take advantage of us. Especially the ones that release low quality games and nickel / dime you for micro-transactions.

Silent Hill’s Creator Working On Brand New Horror Game

The creator of the original Silent Hill video game, Keiichiro Toyama, is at work on a brand new horror game! Toyama’s other works include Gravity Rush 1 & 2 as well as a few entries in the Siren series. This game will come from The Bokeh Game Studio but don’t expect to see this game until 2023 at the earliest.

Toyama also wants this game to release on PC with a possibility of consoles. Since PC’s are the best option at achieving maximum capacity in terms of visual performance, it makes sense why Toyama would want this game to come out there first.

He wants to make sure this game appeals to fans of his previous work and even said, “If anything, this will be more of a horror-oriented game. But we will focus on making this a broader entertainment experience, rather than a hardcore horror game.”

Any Silent Hill fans? Any Siren fans? Let us know your thoughts!

Green Arrow Joins Fortnite

Green Arrow is joining Fortnite! In the upcoming January pack (which will be available on December 31 at 7 pm EST). Fans are getting closer to a game where they’ll be able to live out a fight between Marvel & DC. Here’s the official message from the Fortnite crew which can be found on Epic Games’ website:

  • DC’s expert archer, Green Arrow, will join the Fortnite Crew. January’s Pack features Green Arrow in his iconic look, inspired by The CW’s Arrow, as well as the Tactical Quiver Back Bling plus Style and Boxing Glove Pickaxe.
  • Green Arrow arrives exclusively for all Fortnite Crew members on December 31st at 7 PM ET. Important: To claim the January Crew Pack, you may need to login from your original purchasing platform if it has been more than 30 days since last login from that platform.
  • As always, Fortnite Crew subscribers will be granted 1,000 V-Bucks monthly* and gain instant access to the current Battle Pass. If you haven’t had a chance to drop into Chapter 2 – Season 5. Now is the perfect time to jump in.

Black Panther, Captain Marvel & Taskmaster Join Fortnite

Marvel’s Black Panther, Captain Marvel & Taskmaster are all coming to Fortnite via the “Marvel royalty & warriors” pack. The pack is available in the Fortnite shop right now!

WOW Game Designer Leaves After 13 Years

Chris Kaleiki worked at Blizzard on World of Warcraft for class design and PVP. He went in depth on what compelled him to leave Blizzard which can be seen on his YouTube channel. According to him, Blizzard has been focusing less on the players and more on the game’s aesthetic which isn’t what the game was built on.

He says, “I think in a virtual world, in an MMO, really the players are the story… We focus a lot, too much on the extrinsic, rather than the intrinsic gameplay. I feel there’s too much focus on these progression systems… And instead, I think we should really focus on the core features of the game, like the guild system”. All of our WoW players, what are your thoughts?

Teaser Trailer For Resident Evil CGI Series Netflix

Fans got their first look at the upcoming Resident Evil series which will can be streamed on Netflix next year. The minute long teaser shows us Leon S. Kennedy, Claire Redfield as well as the main threat: zombies!

Leon and Claire are some of the most recognizable characters in the series and were stars of 2019’s Resident Evil 2 Remake. With Resident Evil 8 expected to drop sometime next year along with the rumored Resident Evil 4 Remake, expect to get a long dosage of zombie survival horror, Do you plan on watching this series? Are you excited? Let us know your thoughts!

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