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Rocksteady Announces New ‘Suicide Squad’ Game

Developers of the critically acclaimed Batman Arkham series, Rocksteady, announced their next game which is an adaption of ‘Suicide Squad’. The cover has Superman with a target on his head (Spelling out the titular squad). The reveal will take place at the DC Fandome on August 22nd. Do you think we’ll see the whole Justice League? What characters do you want to play as? Let us know your thoughts!

Jason Bateman Working On Upcoming Project ‘SuperWorld’

Actor and producer, Jason Bateman, will be working on an upcoming project based in the universe of Super world. The story takes place in 2038 in a world where everybody has super abilities except for one person. Sounds interesting; let us know your thoughts!

Zack Snyder Reveals New Design For Steppenwolf

Zack Snyder reveals a new look at the updated design for Steppenwolf in his upcoming cut for his Justice League movie. Are you excited? Let us know your thoughts!

X-Men Animated Series Possible Revival?

The producer / director of the X-men Animated Series, Larry Houston, has said that he has had talks with Disney about a possible revival but nothing concrete. Further noting that he would consider coming out of retirement for a short episode run special. Would you watch? Let us know your thoughts!

Marvel’s Avengers Adds More Playstation Exclusive Content

Marvel’s Avengers game will be getting more Play Station exclusive content besides Spiderman. This content includes community challenges as well as potential rewards or cosmetics. Console exclusivity only divides the community and can potentially lead to more problems down the line. Let us know your thoughts!

Seth Rogen to Produce ‘TMNT’ CG Animated Movie Reboot

Seth Rogen is on board to produce an upcoming reboot movie of the TMNT franchise. Jeff Rowe is set to direct with Brendan O’Brian as writer.

‘Green Hornet’ Animated Series Coming From Kevin Smith & WildBrain

New Green Hornet Animated series coming! This will tell the adventures of the grown up son of the original Green Hornet and the grown up daughter of the original Kato. Let us know your thoughts!

Matt Reeves to Develop Batman Series Set in Gotham City Police Department on HBO Max

Matt Reeves and Terrence Winter are teaming up to bring us a series set within GCPD (Gotham City Police Department). The interesting thing is that not only will this be in the same universe as the upcoming Batman movie (directed by Matt Reeves) but it will also have the same director directly involved with the spin-off! Let us know your thoughts?

DC Showcase – Batman Death in the Family Interactive Movie Official Trailer

DC is releasing an animated film based on the Death in the Family storyline only the twist here is that this will be an interactive film. This means the viewer may be able to get a different ending than the canon storyline. Expect to watch this movie on Blu-Ray or Digital HD] this fall.

Trailer here via IGN

Zack Snyder Shows First Footage Of Black Suit Superman: The Hero Network Comic-Con@Home 2020 Coverage

During a Comic Con interview over the weekend, Zack Snyder revealed footage from his upcoming cut of the Justice League movie. In the clip fans get a sneak peek of the black suit Superman. You can view it here at the 31:43 minute mark:

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