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Ms. Marvel Sizzle New series on Disney+

We finally got our first look as Kamala Khan / Ms. Marvel who will be played by Iman Vellani in the upcoming Disney plus series. Marvel is looking to bring in more diverse heroes in order to represent the diversity in our world. The teaser showcases the cast and crew as well as what the hero means to them.

They showed a very small glimpse of the audition process with Iman Vellani and also the production team giving her the big news of her being casted. This series looks very promising and Iman Vellani seems a demeanor that is very accurate to the character from what is seen in the trailer. It was also announced that Ms. Marvel will be appearing in Captain Marvel 2! Let us know your thoughts!

New WandaVision Trailer Previewed at The Walt Disney Investor Day 2020

We finally got our second look at Wandavision and a lot more was revealed! This mysterious series is highly anticipated by fans and we got a better look as to what the plot is. It’s been speculated that this series will take place in a made up universe that Scarlet Witch is within after dealing with the tragedy a loved one at the end of Avengers Infinity War.

As fans can see Vision returns although with the glimpses of the mind stone being shattered at the end of the trailer, one can assume all is not what it appears to be. What’s also telling is we see military intervention, Wanda & Vision preparing for combat and one Wanda’s neighbors “breaking character” before “glitching” back to her fabricated persona.

This show has both a creepy and mysterious vibe which is why fans are eagerly waiting for its arrival on January 15 2021. Let us know your thoughts!

The Official Trailer to Marvel’s Classic What If…? Series on Disney+

Marvel’s What If got an official trailer which showcases the animated series coming to Disney Plus next summer. In the trailer we see T’Challa as Star Lord instead of Peter Quinn, we see Peggy Carter become Captain Britain after receiving the super soldier serum instead of Steve Rogers and we also get a glimpse of Thor in human form as well as a zombie version of Captain America.

Marvels’ What If is based on a comic book series that came out in 1977. It tells different storylines if key moments in the fictional history were changed or altered. A while back Marvel announced that a majority of the cast will be reprising their roles for this series. What storylines are you excited to see? Let us know your thoughts!

First Look at Marvel’s Falcon and the Winter Soldier Trailer

Marvel’s Falcon and the Winter Soldier has finally got its first trailer. In it we see tributes to Captain America, new suits for the titular heroes as well as glimpses into the combat of the series. This seems to be a light hearted action driven series that was teased during both characters’ banter in Captain America Civil War.

The trailer shows Falcon having concerns with the responsibility of taking on the mantle of Captain America. We also see the Winter Soldier who seems to be a lot more relaxed and calm in comparison to his former angered self in previous films.

This trailer appears as if it could’ve been a movie on its own which is a good sign. It seems Marvel is attempting to bring the quality of their movies to a platform that releases limited series. Only time will tell if this holds true; let us know your thoughts!

Marvel’s Ironheart Coming to Disney+

Marvel has revealed an Ironheart series will be coming to Disney Plus. Genius inventor Riri Williams will be played by Dominique Thorne. Following the events of Avengers Endgame, fans have been eagerly waiting to see who will take up the mantle and now we finally got our answer!

Ironheart is actually a very new hero as she was created in 2015. Possessing genius level intellect, Riri is a young engineering student who designed a suit similar to Tony Stark’s. After stopping a crime, Tony hears of her and recruits her as a superhero.

She has a limited number of appearances in other media so with the upcoming series she’s likely to be much more visible and appreciated. Are you excited? Let us know your thoughts!

War Machine is Back in a New Marvel Series on Disney+ Armor Wars

Marvel announced a new series coming to Disney plus title, Armor Wars which sees the return of Don Cheadle as War Machine as the lead role. It’s based on the limited comic book series of the same name where Tony Starks tech falls into the wrong hands.

Details are scarce as of right now but we at least got a title card. Expect to see the remains of Tony Stark’s work be at the center of the conflict with War Machine fighting to get it back. Let us know your thoughts!

Peter Dinklage Set to Star in ‘Toxic Avenger’ Reboot

Peter Dinklage’s resume speaks for itself in terms of the iconic roles, shows and movies he has worked on. Fans may be familiar with him in the popular television adaptation of Game of Thrones or in the recent Avengers Infinity War but what fans have yet to see is him in Legendary’s upcoming reboot of Toxic Avenger.

For some of you reading, Toxic Avenger may be a little (a lot) before your time. The 1984 dark comedy follows Melvin Ferd, who is a 98 pound weak man who works as a janitor at a health club. Melvin is constantly tormented and harassed by members of the health club. One day he is pranked which ends in an accident where he falls into a pit of toxic waste which results into him gaining superhero size and strength.

After becoming acclimated to his new stature, Melvin spends the duration of the movie days fighting organized crime, corrupt politicians and even took revenge on his tormentors. The original movie is a rollercoaster ride for many viewers, even including an unexpected romance for our lead character. Expect the upcoming reboot to be in a similar fashion and with today’s special effects, expect to see a lot of gore.

What are your thoughts on this news? Are you excited to see Peter Dinklage take on a new role? Do you plan to watch / re watch the original Toxic Avenger movie(s)? Is this your first time hearing of Toxic Avenger? Let us know your thoughts!

Starfire’s New Look For Upcoming Titans Season

Anna Diop portrays Starfire in the live action DC comic book show, Titans, and she’s getting a new look for the upcoming season! Below is the tweet where you can see the side by side concept art and live photo which both look incredible.

Anna Diop is very talented at acting and has a resume that speaks for itself. Appearing in projects such as 24 Legacy, US, Message from the King and The Messengers. Make sure to check out her other work while you wait for the upcoming season of Titans to drop. Are you excited for the upcoming season? What are your biggest questions on what’s next for the super group? Let us know your thoughts!

Square Enix’s Avengers Game Showcases Kate Bishop

Square Enix’s Avengers game finally revealed the new DLC character Kate Bishop who is the daughter of the famous Hawkeye / Clint Barton. Kate swings into the world of Avengers on December 8th while her father is taking the long route to battle by coming to save the day sometime early next year (along with the next gen version). Below are both the trailer and deep dive of the new character. Let us know your thoughts!

Snyder Cut Deathstroke’s New Look Revealed!

Following the reveal of Steppenwolf and Joker’s new appearance in Zac Snyder’s upcoming cut of his Justice League movie. Fans got a first glimpse at Slade Wilson’s new look for the upcoming HBO Max exclusive movie series. In the monochromatic photo, Slade’s hair appears to be more white than grey and also with shaved sides. Let us know your thoughts!

The actor Joe Manganiello tweeted out the photo as support for Autumn Snyder tribute fund. Autumn is the late daughter of Zac Snyder. The fundraiser is spreading mental health and suicide awareness and prevention. The link is here if you’re interested in donating:

First Look At Javicia Leslie As Batwoman

It was announced not too long ago that Ruby Rose would be dropping out of playing Batwoman in the self titled CW series. Soon after they announced a new lead that will be taking up the mantle of the bat. Ryan Wilder is the new protagonist fans will get to follow, Ryan will be played by Javicia Leslie.

Leslie posted a first look at her in the mantle on her Instagram which looks incredible! Are you excited to see a new lead? Are you planning on watching the series? Let us know your thoughts!

Aldis Hodge Cast As Hawkman in ‘Black Adam’ Movie

Aldis Hodge is reportedly cast as Hawkman in the upcoming DC Black Adam film. Hodge is known for his roles in the recent Invisible Man movie as well as acting in Hidden Figures and Straight Outta Compton.

Are you looking forward to seeing Hawkman and Black Adam on the big screen? What are your expectations for this film? Let us know your thoughts!

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