Skull Island Anime In Development At Netflix

Powerhouse Animation will be developing a new anime series set in the Legendary Monsterverse (Kong, Godzilla, etc). Netflix tweeted this out as the announcement: “A shipwrecked crew, an island of monsters, and one king to rule them all. Skull Island is a new anime series set in @Legendary’s Monsterverse from @PowerhouseAnim“.

Powerhouse Animation is known for the recent Castlevania and Blood of Zeus Anime. Both series are incredibly gruesome, bloody and don’t hold back. Expect to see the same for this series that will be set on the disastrous Skull Island. Skull Island is often depicted as a lost island that is way past its time. Prehistoric and gigantic monsters roam the lands with death around every corner.

A shipwrecked crew stuck on this island will be an interesting tale as we can expect to see a majority of the crew members to not make it out alive. No telling if we will see Kong but the teaser of the word “king” hints at some possibilities. No pictures or cast attached as of yet but check back here for updates!

Dragon’s Dogma Series Released On Netflix

Capcom’s Dragon Dogma Animated Series gets released on Netflix. The seven episode season action series continues the video game adaption trend we are seeing on the rise. Before video game adaptions were laughing stock for gamers and critiques alike. However, with video games now making the case for art in the 21st century we are seeing many adaptions get green lit to start production such as Uncharted, Fallout, Gears of War, Bioshock, Borderlands, Sly Cooper and many more.

Castlevania is an example of an adaption gone right. Fans of the Netflix series are impatiently waiting for the next season and with the creator set to work on a Devil May Cry adaption, there’s more in store on the way. Are you planning on watching Dragon’s Dogma? Did you enjoy the video game? Let us know your thoughts!

‘Dragon’s Dogma’ Anime Coming to Netflix in September

Dragon’s Dogma, a cult classic video game, is getting a Netflix anime releasing September 27th!

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