NETFLIX Announces 6 Part Origin Live Action WITCHER Spin Off: The Hero Network Comic-Con@Home 2020 Coverage

Ahead of the release of the upcoming Season 2 for Netflix’s The Witcher series, they announced a live action prequel spin off titled, The Witcher: Blood Origin, set 1200 years before the protagonist Geralt’s time. This show will detail how the first Witcher came to be.

Zack Snyder Shows First Footage Of Black Suit Superman: The Hero Network Comic-Con@Home 2020 Coverage

During a Comic Con interview over the weekend, Zack Snyder revealed footage from his upcoming cut of the Justice League movie. In the clip fans get a sneak peek of the black suit Superman. You can view it here at the 31:43 minute mark:

Microsoft Showcase 2020 – Halo Infinite Gameplay

On Thursday, Microsoft’s live showcase displayed the world’s first ever Halo Infinite Gameplay. This game will support 2 player local split screen co-op and 4 player online co-op. Expect to play this on the Xbox Series X Holiday 2020.

Outer Worlds NEW DLC Peril On Gorgon

The Outer Worlds is back! On September 9 return to Halcyon with the games first DLC Peril On Gorgon.

Microsoft Showcase 2020 – The Medium New Game Announcement

Layers of Fear and Blair Witch developer bring us a new psychological thriller game called “The Medium”. Expect to play this on Xbox in the coming year.

Microsoft Showcase 2020 – State of Decay 3 Announced

State of Decay 3 got announced at Microsoft’s showcase on Thursday. Expect to play this on Xbox in the coming year!

Microsoft Showcase 2020 – Psychonauts 2 Trailer

Microsoft showed a gameplay trailer for the cult classic sequel Psychonauts 2! Expect to play this on xbox in the coming year.

Microsoft Showcase 2020- The Outer Worlds Developer, Obsidian Entertainment, Announces 2 New Games

Outer Worlds and Fallout New Vegas developer announce two more games, Grounded and Avowed. Grounded is a cartoon styled survival game where you are shrunk down to the size of an ant and must survive in the backyard. Avowed is a fantasy RPG set in the universe of Pillars of Eternity. These are both shaping up to be great must haves for the upcoming console!

Microsoft Showcase 2020 – New Fable Game Announced

Microsoft announced a new Fable game to the long running franchise! This has been long awaited by many fans.

Microsoft Showcase 2020 – Life Is Strange Developer’s New Game “Tell Me Why”

Dontnod Entertainment’s new episodic game, Tell Me Why will be releasing exclusively to Xbox on August 27, 2020. Dontnod Entertainment is known for the fan favorite “Life Is Strange” series as well as “Vampyr”.

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